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Way too powerful an image here…
This speaks volume about the standards expected in society on how one should look. And how young we begin to be bombarded with these standards…
Picture by Meg Gaiger

I can’t remember the amount of times of cried while grabbing at my fat and wishing I could cut it off. It started when I was eight. This picture and the meaning behind it is so, so important.


I’m running my first half marathon tomorrow! Wish me luck ☀️👟🍌✨🌻 I’m so excited :)


Froyo obsessed :( #dairyfree #veganiscool 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 (at City Botanic Gardens)

My second shoutout goes to @passionateberry_ who never fails to inspire me with her wicked creations - take this chocolate mint icecream sundae for example! So much yummy plant goodness, one of my favourite accounts for sure 🌿
There are still at least 3 more shoutouts to be done! If you’d like the chance to share your delicious creations with our cute lil community, simply repost your favourite photograph of mine with the tag @thecoconutgoddess and the hashtag #thecoconutgoddess21k. I can’t wait to see more of your hardwork, all of the entires have been absolutely amazing thus far!

Drowning my sorrows about being ill and not being able go to a party by eating my body weight in mushroom and avocado pizza. Not a bad substitute 🍕
"You eat better, you perform better, you feel better, you look better. It all ties together."

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This also applies to eating ENOUGH.. listen to your body and fuel it with what it desires, eat enough so that you can thrive as a living being

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